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The Fifteenth Indo - Russian Summit

Arun Mohanty

This was the fifteenth annual summit between India and Russia but since this happened to be the first summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a swiftly changing global geopolitical environment, there were strategic affairs experts predicting a certain degree of uncertainty in the cooperation between the two time-tested, all-weather, special and strategic partners. The latest Indo-Russian summit after a new government came to power in Delhi and Russia’s increasing but irrational international isolation through imposition of sanctions reminiscent of the Cold War days has absolutely belied the predictions about increasing loss of significance of the Indo-Russian strategic partnership. This summit will go down in the annals of Indo-Russian time-tested relationship as yet another genuine milestone, highlighting the unique nature and continuity in our close relations. The summit has once again proved that there is a consensus in India as far as our strategic relationship with Russia is concerned and change of government in either capital does not really affect this partnership.